The management team at Steminent has depth of experience in therapeutic product development and commercialization, as well as having depth in manufacturing, and global reach in attracting research and product development collaborators and partners.

  • Ryan Chang, Chief Executive Officer, MA/MBA

Asia Director and Taiwan General Manager, SKF.
Over 22 years experience in management, finance, semiconductor, genetic technology and manufacturing.

  • Jennifer Ho, Steminent US Director, MD, PhD 

Steminent co-funder and technology co-inventor.
Director, Center of Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine, Taipei Medical University.

  • Ling-Mei Wang, General Manager and Chief Operative Officer, PhD

Deputy General Director, Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan.
Over 25 years experience in biomedical technology development and commercialization.

  • Jason Tsai, Chief Medical Officer, MD, MS, PhD

Therapeutic Area Lead Medical Director, AbbVie.
Experience in new drug development in Pfizer, Amgen, Gilead Science and Raptor Pharmaceuticals.

  • Carol Chan, Chief Financial Officer, MBA

CFO of public companies in Taiwan.
Over 24 years experience in finance and accounting.

  • Judy Qiu, Steminent China Director, MD

Senior Business Development Manager in Fosun Pharmaceutical, Bristol-Myers and Pfizer.

  • William Milligan, Vice President

Chair, Business Models & Investment Subcommittee, International Society for Cellular Therapy, ISCT.
Senior Manager in Hoffman-La Roche and Eli Lilly.